New Home Buyers/ Realtors ask about Instant curb appeal whole house clean discount!

We can bring your home back to life. Let us take 10 years off your house from sun damage, tree damage, and weather damage. Our professionals can make your home more inviting by removing the mold, mildew, algae, and dirt that time and the environment have left behind.

Trash Can Cleaning:

1 trash can: $60

2nd trash can: $40

Driveways: $400 for a front or back porch

Rain Gutter Cleaning: $100-$200


$0.40 per square foot (SF)

Total cost:

$600 (for 1,500 SF)

$800 (for 2,000 SF)

$1,000 (for Whole House Cleaning of unspecified size)

Whole House Clean: $2,000 SF

Our SOFT WASH House washing method is 100% safe for your home’s exterior, it poses zero risk of damage, it lasts longer than pressure washing, and it works great on all types of siding!

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pressure washing

Post Construction Cleanup

Is the construction work on your place complete? Then it’s time to turn to us and rely on our post-construction cleaning services! We will use the right cleaning supplies to get rid of paint splatters, sawdust, fine dust, dirt, and other contaminants effectively! By working with top-grade cleaning supplies and products, we can deliver deep and intensive results that are sure to impress. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Maid / Janitorial Service

Our professional-grade Maid/Janitorial service meets the EPA’s criteria for house clean-up and is designed to help create a cleaner and healthier environment. Recommended after Fire, Flood or Mold Remediation at the project completion but not required.

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